Together, always forward.

The Life Teen European Training is back

All of us who are involved in youth ministry experienced the difficulty and challenge that it currently entails. Wounded hearts, a society far from God, a generation of teenagers that seems far from the Church,… But as real and varied as these difficulties are, one thing does not change:
the teenagers of your parish still need you.

You may be bruised, beaten, and broken, but you are still an integral part of Jesus’ plan for their salvation. In fact, if you let him, this broken yet persistent dedication will be the vessel through which teens will experience God’s grace in action.

At Life Teen, despite your circumstances and hardships, we believe this is still your calling – to keep going, Always forward.

A unique weekend.
Rediscover your vocation as a catechist

The Life Teen European Training is a unique meeting where you will find inspirational presentations, practical workshops on how to improve your youth ministry; you will live powerful moments of prayer together with 350 catechists, priests and religious from all over Europe; You will share experiences and learn from different realities.

But above all it will be a weekend to fall in love with the Lord again, who continues to call you. It will be a meeting about God leaving his mark.



Registration includes two nights in a hotel (single, double or triple room)

Registration includes all meals, from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.

Meet the team


Randy Raus · Mar Álvarez · Miquel Feliu  · D. Manuel Salord · Cris Cons · Jordi Massegú · Ali Blázquez · D. Bernabé Rico · Juan Pablo Ortega · Sofia Rousset · Maria Paola Ortega

Life Teen President & CEO

Child and youth psychiatrist at Barcelona

@viviendoconewing at Instagram

Damascus Missionary


This event is for adults involved in youth ministry, whether or not they are Life Teen: catechists, priests, religious, seminarians.

In the case of 17-year-old catechists, they must have authorization from their father/mother/guardian and be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Our return policy is:

  • 100% before December 31.
    75% before January 20
    50% before February 3
    25% before February 24

In case of not being able to attend, another person of the same sex may occupy the place, maintaining the same type of room. This option will be available until February 26


  • 4:30 p.m. – Departure of the Life Teen Bus from Plaza España
  • 16.45-18.45 – Check-in
  • 7:00 p.m. – First session


  • 13.30 last session ends
  • 15.00 The Life Teen bus leaves for Plaza España + airport

For those who arrive by train or plane, there will be a bus that will leave on Friday, March 3 at 4:30 p.m. from Plaza España.

The return will be on Sunday at 2:40 p.m. from Montserrat, with a stop at Plaza España and the Airport (T1)

The bus has a cost of €5 people and journey

You can sign up HERE

Depending on the Speaker, the presentations will be either in English or in Spanish. Those that are in Spanish will have automatic translation.

To enjoy the translation it will be necessary to bring an FM radio and headphones, to tune the frequency 96.6FM

NOTE: The radio of most smartphones does not allow you to select free stations. So we recommend you bring a regular radio.

Monasterio de Montserrat

If you come by private transport, with the overnight stay at the hotel you will have a discount on the final price of the parking ticket. You must validate the ticket at the hotel to get a stamp.

If you are coming by public transport, be sure to check the timetable for the rack railway.

If you come by bus, you can look at this option that we propose LIFE TEEN BUS

If you have any questions, you can write us here: